Benefits of On Screen

On-Screen advertising gives you unparalleled access to a large; highly captive audience which other advertising formats can't begin to match. Advertising in cinemas allow brands to break through the clutter in ways that no other media can. Cinema provides patrons with a full sight, sound and motion experience on 50 feet huge screens in high-definition with surround sound. That is why cinema ads score five to six times greater recalls than television commercials. Clients can choose to use a 10-20 seconds static slide or a 20-60 seconds full motion and sound commercial.

Cinema advertising also having some unique features which gives an edge to this medium:-

  • Client can choose cinemas according to their brand i.e. location , language, class wise.
  • No remote control in the hands of the audience sitting in the auditorium.
  • High Frequency of Message – 7 days a week and 4 to 5 shows per day.
  • 50ft Digital Cinema Screen with Surround Sound.
  • Passion for movies in Indians.
  • New movie releases every week.
  • Relaxed and Receptive Medium.
  • High Brand Recalls.